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About Your Helathcare Connection

Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Wolf will review records and data, interview clients and provide testimony or appear at depositions as needed.

  1. Criminal - Dr. Wolf provides examinations and review of clients charged with criminal offenses where their mental state is at issue. Dr. wolf has extensive expertise in the areas of "alcohol blackout" and responsibility
  2. Civil - Dr. Wolf provides expertise in civil matters where either the plaintiff’s or the defendant’s state of mind is at issue in the cause of action.

Forensic Medical and Mental Health Reviews

Dr. Wolf will work with a law firm as an investigative member of their team to assess the medical or mental health data in the case. He will provide expertise as to what further medical data is needed in the case, what are the implications of the present medical data and will suggest and contact experts in various medical fields that would move the case forward.

Quality Audits

Dr. Wolf will work with a healthcare organization to audit their physician charting to assure compliance with all relevant Federal and State guidelines including Medicare and Medicaid. This area of expertise includes the areas of credentialing and other Medical Staff Office functions. If there are issues, he will help the organization with the steps to bring them into compliance.

Physician Relationships

Dr. Wolf will work with a health care organization to enhance their physician relationship including the area of recruitment, retention, compensation and staff guidelines. Dr. Wolf will work with both the organization and the individual physicians to accomplish this task.

  1. Physician Leadership Education: Dr Wolf will provide the physicians' within a healthcare organization with the education to achieve the tools and expertise to move forward with their administrative and leadership positions.

Business and Program Development

Dr. Wolf will work with a new or on-going non-profit, business or government entity in the healthcare field to either develop or enhance their business or one or more programs within that enterprise. He will help them assess their situation, provide a business plan and then aid them in the implementation of the plan. He will work with the Board or Shareholders to assure that the developed program will be viable and sustainable.

For Quality Audits, Physician Relationships and Business and Program Development, Dr. Wolf can network with other consultant providers to add any additional necessary expertise to the project.

Fees for each category of service will be given upon request.